Slow Dancing to Rod Stewart Crooning the Classics

When Volume 1 of Rod Stewart’s Great American Classics came out, I couldn’t believe how he got away with his raspy voice singing these immortal classics.  He’s done another two times and Alan and I always delight listening to him taking us to a time we only know from decades after.

I find myself imagining us slow dancing to these songs, but Alan is not one to slow dance.  I wish he would because he is such a great dancer.  I love to just rock back and forth taking it all in and having him hold me.  He does indulge me like that one time we danced to Michelle Branch and Santana’s “The Game of Love”when the band played it at Hard Rock in Manila the last time we were there in 2002.  People were just moving side to side but he took me and held me close and danced with me with so much love and passion.  I still remember that from time to time and how that was just so special.

Well we do have all of Rod Stewart’s CDs.. so we have a lot to dance to.. and Angel will probably want to join in, like he pokes his head in whenever he sees me and Alan hugging and cuddling..


The Challenge of Chronicling My Day

I am shocked to see that I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday, and neither was I able to scribble anything down for posting later.

I actually had a window open and I attempted to start something but never quite down to writing anything that made much sense.  I’m in the thick of getting the boss ready for a two week trip out to Asia (Yahoo! — or as we pinoys say, Yehey!!!!).. The next couple of days will be hectic. Time just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go home!

I feel a sadness creeping into my heart as I think about the passing of the days because in less than a week, Mom is leaving for Manila.  (sniff, sniff..)

I can’t really extend her any longer because the INS will have my neck for that and she might not be allowed to return.. and I know she needs to say hello to her doctors who she has terribly missed in the year she’s been in  New York.  My hypochondriac of a Mom not seeing her string of Doctors?  That was a feat!  Of course she managed to make a new friend here — a kindly Korean-American doctor who would sarcastically yet gently tell her to lay off the medicines.

The only thing that makes thinking of her leaving Angel and I a little easier to bear with is the thought that Nikky (hopefully) will make it here this summer.. (Keeping our fingers crossed he gets his visa..)