The Challenge of Chronicling My Day

I am shocked to see that I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday, and neither was I able to scribble anything down for posting later.

I actually had a window open and I attempted to start something but never quite down to writing anything that made much sense.  I’m in the thick of getting the boss ready for a two week trip out to Asia (Yahoo! — or as we pinoys say, Yehey!!!!).. The next couple of days will be hectic. Time just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go home!

I feel a sadness creeping into my heart as I think about the passing of the days because in less than a week, Mom is leaving for Manila.  (sniff, sniff..)

I can’t really extend her any longer because the INS will have my neck for that and she might not be allowed to return.. and I know she needs to say hello to her doctors who she has terribly missed in the year she’s been in  New York.  My hypochondriac of a Mom not seeing her string of Doctors?  That was a feat!  Of course she managed to make a new friend here — a kindly Korean-American doctor who would sarcastically yet gently tell her to lay off the medicines.

The only thing that makes thinking of her leaving Angel and I a little easier to bear with is the thought that Nikky (hopefully) will make it here this summer.. (Keeping our fingers crossed he gets his visa..) 


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