Pinoy Drama : Hiram

I have always tried to keep abreast of the latest shows back home through the tapes that my siblings would send me.  I also discovered some clips uploaded by the major networks online.  And last year, ABS-CBN 2 started offering a new service called ABS-CBN Now which enabled subscribers to download or watch their programs straight from their website.  With mom here, I picked up a subscription.  Although she had time and again told me her loyalty was with the other network, GMA 7, I had no choice because they had no similar offering here in the US.

So every week, I downloaded programs onto my laptop which we watched during the weekend.  We saw the beginning and the week after week development of the soap opera Hiram.  (Translated: borrowed).  I was downloading this week’s slew of episodes when I suddenly felt wistful about the fact that next week, I don’t have to download it religiously as I had always done because Mom is flying home to Manila on Wednesday.

Then she can catch Hiram from home.. (the thought literally made me stop typing).  I am trying to be cheerful about it, reminding myself my brother will be here soon.. but Mommy is Mommy.. and it has been a great year of getting to know each other again which I hope to continue as soon as she returns.