Watching a Mother's Suffering

Mom’s rather depressed because the business in Manila has not been doing well.  We even had to send financial assistance to tide it through.  Times like this make me wish I could win the lotto and make her worries disappear. 

My mom is a strong woman but you can see when her pain gets the better of her.  I am asking her to go to bed but I have a feeling she will lay awake tonight, sleep eluding her.  I pray the angels bring her to slumberland soon and give her peace of mind. 

I hate seeing my Mom this way.  It’s not the first time this has happened since she arrived to spend the past year with me.  Each time, I can only sit and watch and try to comfort her. 

When she says she wishes God allow her to win the lotto, I don’t encourage her but neither do I rebuff her.  She is, after all, entitled to hang on to all the hope she can muster in this trying time.  I just tell her if it’s our time to win, we will win.  I know God will always have an answer — even if it isn’t the one she wants to hear.

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