The Monday Blues

I have learned to dislike Mondays because it means being away from Angel again.  We got into a little emotional tug of war this morning because he had wanted to continue nursing when we both stirred at around 6AM.  I could not indulge him anymore because I needed to get ready for work.  It took some cajoling to get him to stop crying, but we eventually left the room together all set for another day.  He was smiling by the time I put him down on his playpen in the living room.

In the meantime I got ready for work knowing in just 48 hours, Mom will be getting ready to go home to Manila.  As we had told my neice, Audrey, on the phone, “Dalawang tulog na lang.”  (Two nights of sleep to go..)  I asked Mom to make me some Adobo tonight.. I just wanted her homecooking a last time, because tomorrow, I intend to order food as a “send off” of sorts.  I miss my mom already.  Sometimes thinking about it makes me want to cry.  Alan was trying to comfort me last night saying I need not worry because Mom’s coming back, and I now have a blood relative with me here, 10,000 miles away from everybody else — who else but Angel.

Meanwhile we’re gearing up for the lull between Mom’s departure and Nikky’s arrival.  That’s one hurdle Alan says we’ll be able to work around of.  My missing my mom is a different thing, though.


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