25 past 5

The clock is ticking close to 6PM and I’m waiting on the boss to give me a call so I can leave.  I am itching to get out of here so I can actually get the stuff I need to get for mom before she goes.  I was thinking of going into the city, but now I realize it would be faster if I actually took the 7 Express Train to Main Street and then I can go to Macy’s there and also hit Duane Reade for the last minute shopping.

*Sigh*  I meant to do some of it last night but Alan brought Angelo when they came to fetch me, and the poor kid was getting all cranky as it was his dinner time.  The boy is such a darling.. When I sat down beside him, he held my hand which was resting on his basket.  I cannot see myself bringing him to work because then that would mean having to put him down.  Do I bring his basket ahead?  The back up childcare option is out the window because there is now a waiting list because the week I had intended to use it, it is actually Spring Break for the kids, so they expect to be full.

Maybe I can try the TUTOR TIME near the house.. it completely upsets the whole plan.  I’m thinking how I’m supposed to do all this now that back up childcare is not an option.  I might get to use it, but not until the second week the boss is out.  Alan and I are doing a tour of the facility Friday next week.

I guess we’ll just have to flesh this out.


Bistro Dining

Alan and I have a favorite French Bistro over at Park Avenue and 20th Street called L’Express which is part of a group of French restaurants here in New York City.  Indulge my francophilia — I had delicious stuffed portobello mushrooms as an appetizer, and I thought I’d try their Beef Burgundy which literally melted in my mouth.

As always, we had the cheese cake for dessert which is absolutely to die for!

24 Hours til Mom goes

We finally finished packing one of her suitcases last night.  Tonight, we will finish the box and do her carry on luggage.  Then in a few hours, I will be seeing her off at JFK to finally go home after a year of being with Angelo and me.  I find such great comfort hugging Angelo close whenever I think of Mom leaving me.

Yesterday’s adobo was fantastic.  We bought some Cold Stone Creamery dessert and Mom enjoyed it.  (The quart, though, wasn’t enough for the four of us — next time, I have to get the ultimate bucket.)

This time tomorrow, I will be bidding Mom goodbye for good… until she returns, that is.