A change of routine

I had gotten so used to certain routines while Mom was here that not doing them brings me to the reality that she’s no longer here with me.  Every morning I would make just a little extra coffee she would dilute for breakfast.  As I walk to the subway, I’d pick up a free METRO or a free AM New York for her.  Then during the day, I’d print out news articles from the newspapers in Manila for her to read.

The house feels different with Angelo in it and without her. 

I’m texting my brother from my PC and I’m just as anxious as them to see Mom come out of the airport. Her plane has arrived but it will take her a few minutes to clear customs and then for her to grab her luggage from the carousel.

I was so surprised to hear that she was brought out in a wheelchair, but my brothers have assured me she’s okay now.  Perhaps it was just all the excitement of going home.

There’s a lot of food laid out in the hallway in front of my cubicle, and I would normally take some food to bring home to Mom so she could sample it.  At a time like this I wish she were here for me to bring home the pastries to, but she’s now 10,000 miles away.  She’s back in the place she calls home.


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