Feeling Overwhelmed

I’m just about ready to leave the office at 6:30PM but I thought I’d sneak in a last post before I headed out.  I am still downloading “THE BUZZ” from ABS-CBN NOW (a subscription I had primarily because of Mom but which I would have gotten nevertheless for my own benefit), and it says 10 minutes or so more to go.  Might as well wait for the download to finish.

Angel is fine with Alan taking care of him.  I thought I’d head home on my own. 

I just needed to take a breather.  I brought down the stuff for FedExing (including some stuff for myself in preparation for working from home) and on the elevator on the way up, I had to take a deep breath and I felt a knot form in my stomach, putting me almost on the verge of crying.  I’m at a loss as far as Angelo is concerned.  The back up childcare facilities have me on wait list and I need a certification from my Pediatrician which I cannot now get because she’s on vacation the next two weeks.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that her assistant will be in on Monday to assist me, otherwise, I’m in big trouble.

Wish it could be as easy as just staying home and taking the days off, but doing that at a time like this might get me in bigger trouble.  (My favorite word of the day: TROUBLE in capital letters.. LOL)

*SIGH*  Time for me to get ready to get out of here.. at least it’s the weekend.. that’s the only thing I’m really looking forward to.