Nobody Does it like Elmo

The boss woke Angel up from his nap giving last minute instructions for when she would be away.  Thank God for ELMO!  He watches this DVD we have so intently it’s just a miracle he can actually keep Angel tuned in.

I still didn’t get the chance to tell her of my childcare issues.  I’m hoping I can get away with it somehow.  So tomorrow I will probably be there early, and then I will just leave her midnight which is our noon.  That should make my life a tad bit easier.

Meanwhile, still getting ready to be on my own the next three days.  I have enough to work on tomorrow to keep me busy.  Angel and I will be okay.. I keep telling myself that.

Breakfast on Sunday

Angel let us sleep until 8 AM.  It’s almost 9AM and I just finished feeding him his 50-something Cheerios with a scoop of formula and a scoop of rice cereal.  He should be full and he’s playfully watching the Disney Channel.  Thank God for shows like Higglytown Hero and The Wiggles.  (I promise we will watch them if they should come to the New York!)

Meanwhile, it’s another week I’m looking forward to, and I’m trying to figure out how I can make it work.  Alan will be off to Arizona on a business trip beginning tonight and won’t be back until Wednesday evening. 

I don’t mind the time spent with Angel, but it’s juggling other things with Motherhood that drives my routines out of whack.  I’m sure we will manage, I just have to figure that part out today.

My crunchy French Toast is on the stove.  The coffee is hot on the coffeemaker.  (Not that it matters because Alan prefers his coffee iced.)  It’s Gevalia’s Raspberry Chocolate blend which is a favorite of Alan’s.  I prefer my coffee with some whipped cream =).

The sun was out for a moment when Angel and I got out of the room, but now the grey skies have hidden it from view.  Looks like another glum and muggy day as per the weatherman’s forecast. =(  Here’s to a good week ahead.

Cooking up Baby Gourmet Treats

With Mom gone, I tried my hand at making Angel’s first gourmet meal.  I boiled a small potato I had cut in half, then added three asparagus tips and a pearl onion.  No seasoning, I figured the onion would do the flavoring.  I mashed the potatoes and cut the asparagus into small bits.  I mixed in some mashed chicken sticks (sausages for babies courtesy of Gerber) using the water I used to boil the veggies in as a soup base.  I then put 1/3 cup of freshly cooked rice in with around 1/2 cup of chicken stock (thinned and skimmed of visible fat) in our Magic Bullet and pulsed the mixture 5 times.  I mixed this all together and came up with two servings actually.

As Mom had done before, I fed him this meal along with a full tub of Stage 2 Gerber dessert.  Today it was half a tub of Bananas because I ran out.  (Went to the grocery later during the day to get more!)

Angel has quite a healthy appetite and he is really not difficult to feed.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed I won’t have to put him in daycare next week but that might prove difficult to pull off.  Let’s see.. let’s see..