Cooking up Baby Gourmet Treats

With Mom gone, I tried my hand at making Angel’s first gourmet meal.  I boiled a small potato I had cut in half, then added three asparagus tips and a pearl onion.  No seasoning, I figured the onion would do the flavoring.  I mashed the potatoes and cut the asparagus into small bits.  I mixed in some mashed chicken sticks (sausages for babies courtesy of Gerber) using the water I used to boil the veggies in as a soup base.  I then put 1/3 cup of freshly cooked rice in with around 1/2 cup of chicken stock (thinned and skimmed of visible fat) in our Magic Bullet and pulsed the mixture 5 times.  I mixed this all together and came up with two servings actually.

As Mom had done before, I fed him this meal along with a full tub of Stage 2 Gerber dessert.  Today it was half a tub of Bananas because I ran out.  (Went to the grocery later during the day to get more!)

Angel has quite a healthy appetite and he is really not difficult to feed.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed I won’t have to put him in daycare next week but that might prove difficult to pull off.  Let’s see.. let’s see..

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