An Interesting Day with Angel

I had to bring Angel to work to pick up the FedEx pack from my boss.  I still had to lug my laptop (which, thankfully, fit in my huge tote) and I just brought the small diaper bag.  We rode the express bus into the city and then the Q32. 

Angel was surprisingly people friendly from the bus to work.  He was smiling at everyone who said hello to him, so different from his usual display of stranger anxiety when people greet him.  He was quiet while eating a snack but suddenly discovered how wide a space he could crawl around in, there was no stopping from him.

I tried leaving him momentarily to go to the ladies room, and while I was doing everything with the speed of sound, I still wasn’t fast enough for him not to miss me and cry. =(

We got back on the Q32 and then the QM1A.  The bus started spewing out smoke from the rear, so we had to wait for a new bus to take us home.  Instead of taking the second bus all the way to Fresh Meadows, I got off to get on the Q75 which dropped us off 2 blocks away from the house.  Angel was behaved and groggy from napping. 

Going out with him on a sling and the weight of a laptop on one shoulder effectively limiting me to a one-hand balance was quite a challenge, but it wasn’t all that bad.  Angel miraculously still fits in his Snuggli, and he now knows how to cling to my arms as I carried him.  I didn’t let the sling take his full weight, so I still carried him, but it was much easier knowing that the sling had him attached to me.

The kid is now sleeping soundly.  He was out just after 7PM after I fed him an early dinner after 6PM.  I finally got a chance to do some work from home, now that my boss is waking up to her morning on the other side of the world.

It just feels like there’s so much to do.  I have to clean his bottles and containers and sterilize what needs sterilizing.  I haven’t even changed him — later when he stirs.. he was just pooped and needed to nap uninterruptedly.

It would’ve been nice to just walk the streets of Manhattan on a nice day like today.  I wanted to get off the bus at the New York Public Library where the newly planted pink tulips now adorn the front of this New York City landmark.  But with the laptop on one shoulder, and Angel’s practically 30 lbs hanging in front of me, it just wasn’t a good idea.

But these are days I truly feel our connection as mother and son, as people compliment me on how beautiful and cheerful my baby is — how he has such a personality.. and I love to see him react to them with such good naturedness.  Exactly the personality I am trying to mold him into — full of cheer and always open to others. 

As he lay on the floor napping, I whispered to him to try to always be a good person.. no matter what he becomes later on in life, he should always try to be good to others.  Simple enough..