Nikky Denied

I can’t say it was unexpected because I knew I was being overly optimistic thinking Nikky would get a visa.  I received a text message a few minutes past noon Manila time (midnight our time) telling me he was denied a visa.  The interviewing consular officer didn’t even browse through his documents.. he was just asked a few questions and handed the dreaded white paper which signified the denial.  If you were handed the yellow sheet, this reportedly boded well for it meant you got to go to the United States.

I was holding Angel in bed and nursing him when Alan walked in with the phone ringing.  Just as he was doing that, I saw my cellphone screen flashing the alert that a new message had come in.  I returned the call and spoke with both Nikky and Offie, my sister.

Even if it came as no surprise, I was numbed by the confirmation of my fears.  What are we to do now with Angel?  I was looking forward to telling my boss that I only needed special accommodations until the end of this coming week when my brother would be arriving to help out with Angel.  Neither Alan nor I wanted to deal with planning for this eventuality, because we wanted to remain hopeful about how things would turn out.  Reality check..