Balls of Yarn

My first attempt at knitting correctly was cut short by the realization that I had started knitting with a yarn that I barely had enough to do three feet of a 6 foot scarf.  I gathered more scraps and found quite a selection.  There were some yarns that I had several spools of, but I thought I’d leave those bigger projects for later.

These scraps can be good to use as trim for plain hats or caps, or maybe even scarves, or if I can only decide on a patter I can use, for a floral brooch.

I haven’t done much in the last couple of days.  I have been busy taking care of my little boy.. the yarns aren’t going anywhere after all.

People are actually reading my blog?.. !

When I decided to write a weblog, I did it primarily to find a channel of expression and a means of documenting my day to day thoughts and feelings and memories, specially of all things related to my now one year old son, Angel.

Never did it cross my mind that others would actually read and react to the things I wrote here.  After all, I was not writing on politics — it was enough I wrote as a Filipina in New York, and then by extension, as a Filipina Francophile in my other blog:

But people do read my posts, as evidenced by e-mails I’ve received.  So I thought I’d start a new category today and share those e-mails and my responses to them with you.  I have to backtrack a little but so far, I only have 3 so there isn’t much.

Keep the comments coming!