Feedback: I enjoyed your BLOG! :-)

Here’s a comment I received early April:

Your blog has tempted me to respond briefly.
I was doodling this afternoon, a bit bored, decided to check out and started to check out the latest additions, and then I found your blog.
It is now in my Favourites.
Now I am wondering if you get many people contacting you to let you know how much they enjoy reading about your life?
I read a book years ago, “The Kitchen God’s Wife” by Amy Tan.  Your blog reminded me of that book.  Amy’s other book “Joy Luck Club” was made into a movie I think.
Anyway, you might find it interesting that someone out in the middle of Australia found your blog and loved it.
I started a few blogs a couple of years ago, but I never really stuck with them.
Vonda from Down Under in Australia
My response:

Thank you so much for writing..=)  It’s just 10:46 AM here in New York (Monday) and you made me smile during an otherwise crazy morning back at work.

You are the second to write me, and it makes me feel good to actually see people reacting or “talking back” to my “blabbering” on line.

I have always enjoyed keeping a journal and actually went into blogging as a means of just finding a channel of expression.  I love to write as you can see.. and I think it helps me see my thoughts more clearly.  It helps me plot where I’m going, and most importantly, it helps me keep my memories around my greatest passion to date vivid: what else?  Motherhood.

Again, thanks for writing and please feel free to do so anytime you feel like it.

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