Feedback: I like the photos you post on your blog

The above comment was posted by J.Star last April 30 after I posted the photo of the balls of yarn that I am putting away.

My response:  Thanks for the comment on the pictures.  I’ve been trying to be original as far as the headers and the pictures are concerned.  Unfortunately, I am limited in terms of storage space here so I usually upload the pictures onto another website I have and then link them to this blog.  I have always been picture crazy and have great fun with my digital camera.

I’ve taken practically over 3,000 pictures of Angel in his first year, and from time to time, I try to put in snapshots of the things I see around me.  In Paris alone, I must’ve taken around 300 images! 

I just want to give my posts an added touch — just as I would if it were a journal or scrapbook.  Seeing this comment has actually inspired me to try and do a post on the pictures I take.  You’ll be seeing that soon.

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