Feedback: On Duplo

I received this e-mail in March in response to a post on Duplo, a chocolate brand I picked up in Paris, France:
I was searching for Duplo on-line this am and discovered your blog.  I’m not a chocoholic, but I developed a serious addiction to Duplo during the four years I lived in Germany in the 80’s.  I revisited Germany in the fall (my teen-age son was an exchange student in Muenster) and brought back a suitcase of German yarns for knitting, Knorr products that you can’t get in the states, and DUPLO.
The only store I know in the US that carries Duplo regularly is Parker’s in Savannah, Georgia.  It’s actually a drive-thru gas station and gourmet grocery store/deli combined, only in Savannah!  My daughter is a student at SCAD so I clean out the store when I visit here.  There are a few places on-line you can order, although I haven’t done that, and I think there is a large German store in Texas that carries them.  You have to be careful, however, the shelf-life is short on duplos.  Another thing you can get in Europe that you can’t get here that I really like is lemon white chocolate kit-kat. I’m sure in NY you could probably find Duplo at a gourmet grocery that caters to European tastes.
No what foreign country or US town I’m visiting, I always visit the local grocery stores, prefer that to malls anytime.  But visiting Galleries du Lafayette in (East) Berlin was a real treat since I had not visited Berlin since the Wall came down.  And if you ever get to Berlin, KaDaWe is a must, second only to Harrod’s in size.
Huntsville, Alabama
My response:  Cindy, Thank you so much for sharing this bit of information!  I am so surprised people actually stumble into my site.  I will definitely keep these in mind.  And yes, like you, I prefer to visit the small local stores whenever we visit some new place and I try to see what’s “local” to the area..

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