Feedback: This comment will take several posts to answer..

From Degani F.A., posted yesterday, April 30, 2005:

Your blogs about yourself Angel and your family life as an immigrant to the States makes interesting reading and I salute the way you cope with your day to day challenges.
I would like to understand how you managed to enter the States and whether finally your brother got his visa.

I have a son in the States who is still struggling with his visa problems. He has been there for over 4 years now doing odd jobs and not a regular job like what you have. I wonder whether you can give some helpful suggestions.

By the way how is Alan employed your blogs do not speak much about his activities there and how and how much his
earnings come to.

In any case I wish you the best of luck and pray that your life comes easy and active and your son grows up to be a useful active and creative individual aamen

My response:  I had started an online journal before blogs became the “in” thing to do but managed to somehow lose most of those postings about my initial year here in the United States.  I guess I should try and “reconstruct” that part of my journal in order to provide the information requested.

I don’t say much about Alan because this is my blog.  Don’t get me wrong — he is a very big part of my life, and my days are devoted to taking care of him and Angel.  One thing I’m very happy and proud of is the fact that although having Angel has impacted our life profoundly and has brought about so many changes, we continue to remain a couple and our relationship has only become stronger with a son to complete our family.

I can certainly relate to what your son is going through, although I was fortunate to have never been in that situation.  I know of people who are, and his situation is not isolated at all.  Coming from a third world country like the Philippines, I know only too well how thousands yearn to come to the United States and make a new life here, thinking only that the dollar is a stronger currency than most despite it’s weakening in recent years — but forgetting that to live and work here requires more than just a dream in your pocket.

Unlike those people, I never really wanted to live in the United States and had always hoped to visit this great country, but never really imagined I would find myself living here.  Mushy as it may sound, I came to the United States because of love.. now let me save that for another post..

By the way, if you go down a couple of posts, Nikky was denied a visa..

Thank you for writing and please e-mail me if you want to discuss anything outside of what I write here.


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