Another long week ahead

I dreaded Monday because it meant that it was another week struggling to care for Angel.  Alan stayed home today.  Fortunately for him, he has the luxury of actually staying home even if his Denver-based boss is in New York this week.  It’s one of the perks of being a director for a Paris-based group of hotels whose flagship is here on the Avenue of the America (6th Avenue) in Manhattan.  With the magic of technology, he can stay connected and work from home.  Father and son, as of 3PM this afternoon, are doing well.

With Mom gone for almost 2 weeks now, Alan and I have gotten the knack of taking care of Angel together and by ourselves.  Tomorrow we are bringing him to my mother-in-law’s and it will be a true test since it will be the first time we are leaving him with “strangers” outside of his usual circle.  Despite the grim prospect of having him bawl out there, it is definitely better than the prospect of having him cry in a strange place like the back up child care facility sponsored by the company I work for. 

My sister has committed to come but cannot tell me yet when she can leave Manila for the US. Fortunately, she has a visa to the US and a ticket to boot.  All we have to do is book it and she’ll be here.  The only hindrance for now is the fact that we need to get her passport renewed.  That should take a couple of days only. I hope she decides to leave soon..