Not Going Back to the Philippines.. hmmm..

I just received a comment from Jeneth who is obviously Pinay but is in the US.  She wrote:

Hello po…I just found your blog, i don‘t know how. NAywayz,, so you‘re going back to the philippines?! that‘s great!

anwyayz,, just dropping by.

jeneth here.

My response: No, Jeneth, I am not going back to the Philippines.  My life is now here and with work, a baby (whom I cannot take on a transatlantic flight just yet), it’s not an option.  So I often reminisce, think about home, and writing here in my blog helps me to stay in touch with the things that mean a lot to me.

People bump into my blog from everywhere.  I appreciate it when they take the time to write like you did.  Salamat.

Ready to Jump and Head Home

I hate days like this when I’m squirming in my seat and waiting for the opportune time to tell the boss I need to leave.  I thought I’d do a 4PM but as it is now 4:42, I suppose it’s more like a 5 if not a 5:30.  My son is okay according to my mother-in-law, but they’re having a tough time dealing with his wanting to be constantly carried.  The boy is turning on his charm full blast — but my almost 75-year old mother-in-law says he weighs a ton!

I will get out of here when I can get out of here.. but I just hope it’s in the next few minutes.

The Pains of Motherhood

We’re trying to get Angel to get used to being away from us, so as a primer, we left him at my in-laws’ today.  He was crawling after us when he realized we were saying goodbye.  At this early an age, we have taught him to wave goodbye when someone is leaving.  He tried to catch us at the door when my brother-in-law scooped him up.  It wasn’t easy but it was necessary.

We called after an hour and my mother-in-law said he was having his snack but was still sniffing.  I hope when he wakes up he feels better.  I’m sure he’ll be excited to see me later when I pick him up to take him home.  I can only imagine how he must feel, but at least his Grandma (Alan’s mom) is a familiar face.. we figure it will take some getting used to, but he can start adjusting to being with strangers this early.

This is one of the struggles of raising a child in the US.  Back home, he would have a yaya (“nanny”), and I would just have to check up on them via phone from time to time.  In a sense it’s a blessing to be able to take care of Angel like I do, preparing his food, feeding him, sorting his clothes, cleaning them and putting him to sleep.  It pains me to have him go through this, but it’s a necessary evil.  I’m wondering if I’m having the worse part of the deal compared to him.. perhaps.


Images of Spring

Notice the new header image?  Dandelions are all over the place now that spring is here.  Although most would consider them weeds, I think it’s nature’s way of beautifying even the simplest patches of grass.  The highway is dotted with them.. there are a couple growing amidst the grass in my courtyard.  These are my courtyard dandelions..=)  Maintenance has not quite gotten around to mowing and trimming them off, so I took a couple of pictures over the weekend.  Aren’t they pretty?