Not Going Back to the Philippines.. hmmm..

I just received a comment from Jeneth who is obviously Pinay but is in the US.  She wrote:

Hello po…I just found your blog, i don‘t know how. NAywayz,, so you‘re going back to the philippines?! that‘s great!

anwyayz,, just dropping by.

jeneth here.

My response: No, Jeneth, I am not going back to the Philippines.  My life is now here and with work, a baby (whom I cannot take on a transatlantic flight just yet), it’s not an option.  So I often reminisce, think about home, and writing here in my blog helps me to stay in touch with the things that mean a lot to me.

People bump into my blog from everywhere.  I appreciate it when they take the time to write like you did.  Salamat.

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