Ready to Jump and Head Home

I hate days like this when I’m squirming in my seat and waiting for the opportune time to tell the boss I need to leave.  I thought I’d do a 4PM but as it is now 4:42, I suppose it’s more like a 5 if not a 5:30.  My son is okay according to my mother-in-law, but they’re having a tough time dealing with his wanting to be constantly carried.  The boy is turning on his charm full blast — but my almost 75-year old mother-in-law says he weighs a ton!

I will get out of here when I can get out of here.. but I just hope it’s in the next few minutes.

0 thoughts on “Ready to Jump and Head Home

  1. Hello po…I just found your blog, i don‘t know how. NAywayz,, so you‘re going back to the philippines?! that‘s great!

    anwyayz,, just dropping by.

    jeneth here.
    USA. =D


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