Friday Date with my Boy

No post yesterday?  I was off work to watch Angel and I had to leave my laptop at work because I had to give the person covering access to my system.  I had a full day, anyway.  I had decided to spend the day with Angel, trying to complete his goodie bag and perhaps taking a trip to MoMA or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It was a full day and it was just my baby and me.  Alan drove us to the city and we parked by one of the garage next to the hotel, then Angel and I went to Toys R’Us.  After that we checked out some dollar stores in Manhattan, then we met Alan at the Rockefeller Center at Cucina & Co. for lunch.. Angel was asleep so Alan and I were able to have a quiet lunch, and the baby woke up as if on cue right after we finished eating.  He had his lunch and then we went back to MoMA.

Thanks to my company’s corporate membership, we got in free.  It was Angel’s first time in a museum and he seemed to be enjoying the constant stream of people and many colors and great lighting.  Finally took him to a museum and it was THE museum in Manhattan.. We managed to breeze through three floors and I know we’re coming back..

I finally got to do something I’ve been hoping to do regularly with him in my hopes of providing him as much enrichment at this very critical stage of brain and personality development.  Besides Art, I wanted him to get a sense of big spaces (beyond the mall) and of being in the midst of a huge group of people.  He was surprisingly very friendly with the ton of people who said hello to us as we made our way all around the museum.

It was a great way to spend a day we could’ve spent at home instead — not only because I got to purchase some nice M&M mini dispenser for his goodie bags, but more so because we were able to go around the city despite the muggy weather.  I cannot wait until we can do this again.