Knitting Blind

Written last night sitting on the couch, resting from knitting

Today was very busy at work, so much so that I didn’t get a chance to post anything in my blog.  I left at 5PM because I felt like I was on the verge of losing it at work, and the worst thing was it wasn’t even because of my boss.

I managed to hold my composure, letting go of the anxiety on the way home and momentarily forgetting it when I saw Angel.

After putting him to sleep and while watching the evening’s episode of American Idol, I sat in the dark knitting away with my size 19 needles.  My “piece” is now a foot and a half long, and I knitted my cares away.  It was relaxing not to be following a pattern and just falling into the rhythm of purling and knitting away.

It helped to relax me and get rid of the anxiety of the previous days.  Two days now and I’ve had to struggle with trying to balance my responsibilities of assisting my boss.  I printed out a 2-page cry for help and put it in her take home folder, and I am hoping my boss receives the news with an open mind.  No one has been listening.  (As I wrote to my bestfriend Fe in an e-mail, I cannot figure out which part of “I am busy with my boss and cannot deal with your business right now” these people cannot understand..)  It has been VERY frustrating.

So I sought comfort in my knitting — and I let the mechanical movement which wove my project together hypnotize me into a peaceful rhythm.

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