Crossing the Oceans

I got a call from my sister an hour after her ETA at LAX.  She went through immigration without a hitch and was getting ready to board her connecting flight to JFK.  Right about the time she was supposed to board, I got a call from her saying that her flight had been moved.  Felt like deja vu.  My trip from Manila to JFK in 2000 was also fraught with such delays.  Instead of my projected arrival here in NYC early evening, I ended up getting here at midnight.

So Alan and Mikey are fetching Offie at 4AM.  That means we all get up to get everything ready.  I will prepare her a light breakfast.. it also means I’m not going to work tomorrow, I guess.  I know my sister is exhausted. 

Even with all the technology we have, crossing the oceans can be quite a herculean task.  By the time my sister gets to the big apple, she would’ve been flying for 36 hours already.  I’d be upset.. I’m sure she’s dying to hit the sack and just have a peaceful sleep.