A big sigh of relief

With my sister arriving at 4AM yesterday and settling down to sleep just before 6AM, I had no choice but to take an emergency day off to attend to Angel and take care of my sister’s needs.  She didn’t get up until at least 3PM although she was valiantly trying to get up at 10 AM to let me go to work.  I told her to go ahead and catch up with sleep so that she can adjust to the timezone.

Today it’s just her and Angel at home.  He’s been fussy but they’re actually settled.  The boy might be teething again hence the irritability.

So my life is back to normal.. I think.  At least that’s the last of my childcare issues, at least until Mom returns.  I am hopeful that she and my sister will get to overlap so I need not worry about interim arrangements for Angel.  Right now it feels like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulder.

Of course there is also the added perk of having my sister here.  It is always good to have family close by.


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