Gusto mo?

Even before I came here to the US, one thing that I was told was innate in American culture was that to be invited into another’s home didn’t mean you were being asked to have dinner with the family even if your visit coincided with supper time.  And very unlike what has been customary for us to share whatever we are eating by offering it to others as a matter of courtesy (Making “alok” with the customary “Gusto mo?” ), I have come to discover that the same thing was not exactly the practice here.  (This, I came to realize was true because that is how the 15 year old is..)

So I find it rather interesting that there are colleagues of mine in the office who would ask about what I was eating if they found it interesting.  There is an interest to partake, but rarely an interest to share.  It’s not really selfishness per se, but I guess a cultural trait ingrained in the American way of life.  What’s mine is mine. 


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