Listening to DWRR-FM here in New York

I’m a subscriber of ABS-CBN Now which allows me to download certain shows for a subscription fee.  (That’s some free advertising for you!)  I knew that the streaming radio function was available from the very start, but I never really tried it out until yesterday.  It was kind of weird but yesterday’s disco music at 4AM Manila time was actually rejuvenating here in the big apple, 4PM or 12 hours behind.  VST & Company’s AWITIN MO, ISASAYAW KO always gives me a pick me up.

I almost worked at DWRR back when all they played were romantic songs and all their DJs were females.  I had just left DZRJ as a newscaster and part time deejay, and I welcomed the shift from rock and roll radio to romantic radio, but the graveyard shift being offered was not an option considering that I was still in law school then.

I actually started working over at DZRJ by accident.  I was a sophomore at the Ateneo School of Law which was still located at HV De La Costa Street, and RJFM’s station was over at Makati Avenue — literally walking distance unless you only had 10 minutes to get from work to your first class of the day.  I auditioned and got picked and ended up working there for just a little over a year.  (Would you believe I don’t even remember now how long I was actually there?)  It meant waking up real early to start doing the early morning news, and my shift ended early afternoon giving me the chance to make it to my classes.

It was as simple as rewriting the news from the day’s newspapers and condensing them for radio delivery.  I remember the first few weeks I was on the job, all the radios in the house would be tuned in to the station when I did my newscast, but as time wore on, nobody even cared anymore.  It was also because of this job that I ended up doing the female voice of Louningning in Denmark’s rap novelty hit “Si Louningning”.  (I heard this had been re-issued when Denmark starting reviving his career recently, but I would suppose they had to have it voiced by someone else because I saw that the new album of Denmark was released under a different recording company.

We were only allowed to pinchhit for the regular deejays on weekends, but I would always end with either JOHN JACKSON’S “You and I” or DAVID SOUL’S One hit wonder, “Don’t Give Up on Us, Baby“. 

Those were the days.. sometimes I remember them with fondness because then I remember how it was to struggle through my first job while trying to juggle my time and efforts trying to get on with law school. 

It didn’t pay much but it helped me to make ends meet.  I started working at a time when we were beginning to experience financial difficulties in the business, and it was both easy and convenient. 

I would have gone on to DWRR had not Mom reminded me that I have to remind myself that I am trying to finish law school — not get into the broadcasting field with a solid footing.  So I let the idea go, and instead transferred to a researcher position for a councilman in Manila.  But that’s another blog post.

Where is the day going?

It’s almost 1PM and the boss is out today.  (SHe’s out on a business trip but will be back tomorrow.)  I had mentally thought of all the things I could get accomplished today in her absence, but with the tasks she had asked me to take care of after she called this morning, I have managed to accomplish nothing outside of the new tasks she had assigned.  So no, I haven’t taken cared of the files to be deleted, the items that need to be filed, the documents I’m supposed to type, or the things I must put away. *Sigh*

The day seems to be slipping by so fast!  I don’t mind that when I think about going home.  I do mind that when I think about getting things done here at work.  I guess I just have to double time then..