Cali – my Kalamansi Plant

Two years ago I got a calamansi plant as a present from my friend Jackie.  (Calamansi or Calamondin is a small citrus fruit Filipinos love to drink as lemonade, and is often used as a seasoning or dipping sauce for various dishes.)  I received it with a lot of fruit and just about 2 feet tall.  Jackie herself received her own plant, but out of sheer forgetfulness, left it out during its first winter with her.  Of course her plant was reduced to a dry twig the next summer.

I have tried very hard to sustain my plant, Cali, through the past 2 years.  (Almost 3 years now!)  I am tempted to let Cali enjoy the evening air and the morning dew, but I am afraid the 3 pieces of calamansi hanging by its branches might fall off and might get lost in the outdoors.  I will probably harvest it soon and freeze the juice in a container in the freezer for future use and allow Cali a chance to bask in the warmer spring days we’ve been having.

It has not been easy keeping Cali alive.  Back when I got him, Alan and I took a trip to Manila and I left Cali in my office (then) requesting a friend to help water it for me. While Mom was here, Cali received a lot of tender loving care from her and I think that’s the reason he sprouted fruit.  There were a lot initially but they fell off.. I’m happy with my 3.  I will need to get him some fresh soil, though.  Maybe in the coming weekend..