Cali – my Kalamansi Plant

Two years ago I got a calamansi plant as a present from my friend Jackie.  (Calamansi or Calamondin is a small citrus fruit Filipinos love to drink as lemonade, and is often used as a seasoning or dipping sauce for various dishes.)  I received it with a lot of fruit and just about 2 feet tall.  Jackie herself received her own plant, but out of sheer forgetfulness, left it out during its first winter with her.  Of course her plant was reduced to a dry twig the next summer.

I have tried very hard to sustain my plant, Cali, through the past 2 years.  (Almost 3 years now!)  I am tempted to let Cali enjoy the evening air and the morning dew, but I am afraid the 3 pieces of calamansi hanging by its branches might fall off and might get lost in the outdoors.  I will probably harvest it soon and freeze the juice in a container in the freezer for future use and allow Cali a chance to bask in the warmer spring days we’ve been having.

It has not been easy keeping Cali alive.  Back when I got him, Alan and I took a trip to Manila and I left Cali in my office (then) requesting a friend to help water it for me. While Mom was here, Cali received a lot of tender loving care from her and I think that’s the reason he sprouted fruit.  There were a lot initially but they fell off.. I’m happy with my 3.  I will need to get him some fresh soil, though.  Maybe in the coming weekend..

0 thoughts on “Cali – my Kalamansi Plant

  1. Ann Parkeer

    I was interested in reading about your calamondin tree, and thought I would tell you about mine. I have had one in my yard for over forty years. About twenty years ago we had a hard freeze one night (the only one I can remember in my part of South Georgia!). My tree had hundreds of fruit on it. It froze during the freeze—-fruit, limbs, and trunk. I had my yardman cut the trunk down to about one foot high. For ten years, it was dormant. My yardman wanted to dig it up, as he was tired of having to mow around it, but I wouldn’t let him dig it up. One day I noticed two tiny twigs coming out from the stump. Through the years the two twigs continued to grow. For several years I would throw a sheet over it if I heard that we might have a hard freeze, but we didn’t have one after that one terrible one that killed my beautiful tree. Finally it got too big for me to throww a sheet over, so I have just left it to fend for itself. Today it is a tall as my house (one-story) and has as many oranges on it as it had before it froze. There are oranges on it almost year round. The fruit is not bad when sprindled with salf, if one likes tart things. Do you know of anything they can be used for besides marmalade? It seems such a waste to see such beautiful fruit just rotting on the ground. Ann Aparker


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