Cold and wet in New York today

It wasn’t pouring but it was raining enough to merit taking out the umbrella while walking to the bus stop.  I didn’t get to the end of my daily rosary before the bus arrived so I made good time.  On the bus, I decided to relax and I pulled out Dan Brown’s ANGELS AND DEMONS which, I hope, I will finish by tomorrow.  I still believe THE DA VINCI CODE was a better novel, but this wasn’t a disappointment.  I have been thoroughly enjoying the read.

Meanwhile, I’m counting the hours until I leave for home.  Father and son are “bonding” again because Alan’s heel is giving him trouble.  He is working from home today.  I’m feeling a little bit under the weather, and I know my throat is already sore as it is.  I just hope it does not lead to an asthma attack.

Long weekend ahead!  That one, I’m really looking forward to.

One thought on “Cold and wet in New York today

  1. lyra

    these two books are relly kept me turning pages at speed of 100km/h..and yes the da vinci code was better in my oppinion too


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