A quiet long weekend

Alan and I had made plans to spend the weekend upstate, leaving Angel with my sister.  The baby has been rather clingy of late, and I just didn’t feel right about leaving him on a long weekend.  We thought of bringing him with us, but Alan was booking for a wine tasting weekend complete with a sit-down dinner, and lugging a one year old baby was out of the question, so we thought we’d just do it another time.

It was just as well that we cancelled.  My asthma was triggered by allergens and the climate changes we’ve been experiencing in New York, and I am not exactly in tiptop shape to enjoy a quiet getaway. 

Instead we’ve stayed home, just relaxing and making up for lost sleep.  Angel has been okay except for a minor meltdown this afternoon after lunch.  Otherwise, we’ve had a quiet long weekend and the sun actually obliged us with a sunny day.  I hope it will be the same tomorrow.

Alan and I are just trying to enjoy Angel.  Yesterday he lulled the baby to sleep in his arms and he fell asleep himself.  Father and son are quite a sight when they are asleep side by side, because you can clearly see they are the mini and big me of each other.