Craft Report: Moving on with my first real knitted piece

I don’t really have a defined length or size for this project because I will go as far as my yarn will get me.  I had bought three balls (or was it six?  I have to check my boxes up in the attic) of this yarn which was on sale.  It looks like an old blue and white dyed rough yarn, and the big and loose stitching actually works well with the texture.  I know I might’ve bought 6 of this particular shade but I have only 3.  I have a third ball waiting and if that’s it, I intend to “lengthen” the piece by knitting white on the two ends and doing the fringe in white as well. 

I managed to grab the needles this afternoon to do some rows, and I managed to consume all of the yarn I had unthreaded from the previous project.  Tomorrow I will connect the project to the third ball which has yet to be unspooled. 

I think it’s time to plan my next project.  I have come to realize that doing the clapotis at this point is much too ambitious for a novice knitter like me.  Maybe a loose sweater next?  I’m thinking of unravelling one of Alan’s nicer sweaters he wanted to give away but which I wanted to make into something for either Angel or myself..  perhaps..

0 thoughts on “Craft Report: Moving on with my first real knitted piece

  1. Reading a blog from a fellow Filipino in this community, makes me feel at home. I’ll come back to read more. Hope you’ll enjoy unraveling the creative side of you.


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