Back to Work.. (grunt)

After a 3-day weekend, I can’t help but wish I could take the whole week off, but it’s back to work for me.  The only consolation I have is I intend to have another long weekend next week when Aland and I take Monday off. 

We left Angel crying for us to grab him as we left the house, but it’s back to reality for him, too.  He actually stops crying the moment he realizes we have actually left and am not coming back.  The kid knows how to push the right buttons.

Meanwhile, it’s a nice day in New York but my head cold is not helping any.  (I already gulped down 2 DayQuils and I’m waiting for it to kick in.)  In the meantime, I’m going through the motions of getting my work done here.  Can’t wait til 5.. Amen.

0 thoughts on “Back to Work.. (grunt)

  1. Oh Dinna,

    The pleasure is mine too and I don’t mind if you call me with a "sentimental heart" because tayong mga Pinoy ay mahilig mag-senti as a way of coping with stress and depression.

    My Warmest regards to you and your family,



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