Chikang Pinoy

The blogpost title literally refers to a slang way of saying “Filipino Talk”. 

I opened my blog today to find two additional comments — one from Demi, my dear friend who is like a sister to me, and another from a fellow Pinoy (Filipino) who has a blog here on as well.  (Please see his blog listed in the Blogs I read portion of my sidebar.)

It is always refreshing to read about a Kababayan (countryman) leaving a comment here in my blog.  There have been a few, (like Daryll who shares the same interests in Paris as myself) and just random visitors who don’t even know how they landed here, and I find that it touches me in a different way because reading from Kababayans actually makes me feel as if I am talking to people back home.  It doesn’t matter that I have never met them — I make the connection simply because they are, like I am, Filipino.

So today I saw this post from Danny:

Reading a blog from a fellow Filipino in this community, makes me feel at home. I’ll come back to read more. Hope you’ll enjoy unraveling the creative side of you.

My response:  Nakakatuwa naman na makita kong merong mga kababayan tayong nagagawi dito.  It is reassuring to know that there are people who actually come from where I cam from and who will probably be able to relate to the Pinoy side of my posts.  I visited Danny’s blog and I was amazed at the display of talent there.. from photography, works of art, writings, poetry — it was just pure talent.  Wala akong masabi.  And not only did I discover a fellow Filipino who is an artist, but I found someone who had a sentimental heart like I did. 

(Daryll, you should start a blog so we can start an online conversation, too.)  It is really very interesting how people with a common thread like ethnic origin can come together even in something as random as a blog. 

It’s like an open discussion online, and anyone can just chirp in and give his or her two cents worth. 



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