Feedback on my Craft Report

From one of my bestfriends, Demi:

make me a scarf, make me a scarf!!!! =D

My response:  Don’t worry, girl, you’re on my list of possible scarf gift recipients.  Just getting into the swing of knitting after I finally learned how to purl and knit correctly!  There is hope for a decent project after all!  I heard scarves/shawls are all the rage there in Manila, and I saw that in some new movies we’ve been watching.  What gives, though?  Di ba napakainit naman yata diyan para gumamit sila ng scarf or shawl?  Except for the Imeldific Imelda Marcos, nobody really paid attention to scarves or shawls through the years.  Reminds me of the patadyong, but then, that went out with the ternos as well.

Here in New York, though, scarves are always in, even in the heat of summer — it’s the material and the weave that matters.  In the summer and spring our scarves are very light and airy, and in the winter, thick and warm.  I’ve come to discover that one can make two different textures depending on the size of the knitting needle used.  For example, the scarf/shawl I’m working on right now can be a tight knit if I used smaller needles, but the way I’m doing it now, it can be a not so hot stole in the spring and summer months, but it can be bundled up as a warm scarf in the fall and in winter.

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