Craft Report: My third ball

I found out that I was working with a katia bremen dos yarn in bain/dye-lot..  (dry cleanable or cold wash, no machine drying, lay flat to dry – notes for myself..)

As I said, I have a feeling I purchased 6 balls of this although I’m just on my third ball.  I’m finally connecting it to my now practically 3-foot-long scarf.  (Time to go up to the attic and search for the other balls of this yarn if I have it.. — otherwise, I know where I have the white ones..)  I am so tempted to get more yarn for other projects but I just have too much upstairs.  I’m at least 4 scarves away from needing new yarn.  My next project will be with one of Alan’s old sweaters.

That’s the sentimental side of me.  While someone else can use the sweater, I think I can make good use of the wool to do something I can use, too, instead of buying expensive wool yarn.  In fact I have a merino wool sweater that somehow came back from dry cleaning with a hole on the sleeve that I’m thinking I can turn into an almost see through blouse to wear over a tank top or a cami.

Ideas, ideas.. Sunday afternoon and I’ve put away some of the small chores that needed to be done.  My allergies are still here and they seem to have been aggravated by my outing yesterday with Angel and Ofie. 

Back to my project — I can’t wait to finish this and put it away.  I’m might proud of the first real knitting project I am finishing with correct stitches.  Finally!

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