The Handyman in this house..

.. happens to be me.  The door of the undersink cabinet in the bathroom fell a few nights ago, and I had to wait for the wood glue (which I got myself, by the way) before I could try to put it together again.  I gave it a try a few hours ago but the whole thing kept falling apart on me.  It’s one of those wooden shelves that you can assemble to fit any nook and cranny in your bathroom and/or kitchen.  The way the wood broke is making me rethink trying to put it back together again.  It was not pre-measured and was actually tooled by the previous owner of the co-op who remodeled the bathroom a few years ago.

After several attempts with no success, I decided to pay heed to my sister’s suggestion to just try again later.  I had banged on the wood with the palm of my hand and now there’s something that feels swollen in my right hand.  (I know I should’ve patiently looked for the hammer in the house..)

 I will try again tomorrow.  Who knows?  I might be more successful then.

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