Things I left behind

When I was getting ready to leave Manila in 2000, I took my bestfriend Fe’s suggestion that I should leave whatever I could get in New York — collections or possessions I could start over — given that I had limited baggage allowance on the flight from Manila to here.

My postcards had travelled to New York earlier after Alan and his family’s pamamanhikan.  I put my postcards in a bag and he lugged it as his handcarry.  There were some books which were part of a small library I was starting to put together of the novels I had been reading, some CDs, and a rather huge pencil collection.

I picked out friends who had expressed an interest in reading somewhere along the way, and I gave away my books.  My CDs, too, and the pencils went to my sister Offie and her “inaanaks”.  I took a select few like the more memorable purchases I made (such as an Alan Chang set I purchased in Hong Kong myself), but the rest, I left with her.

As Fe promised, these were collections I could start anew here.  I still collect pencils although I am not as active in purchasing them as before.  I would usually buy a souvenir from a place I visit, like the Louvre in Paris where I even got a free pencil from their children’s store.  I have started rebuilding my little library, even managing to get some first editions signed by the authors themselves (only in America will you be able to have Caroline Kennedy, Jaime Oliver and my utmost idol, Tom Clancy autograph your book!)

I had started collection Starbucks mugs and now have the shelf top of my kitchen lined with my mug collection, numbering around 50 more or less.  Postcards, of course, still take top priority.  I have been distracted from active collection by my number one concern now, Angel, but I am trying to grow it little by little.   (Postcards will be a dozen posts by itself!)

But back to the things I left behind — I went back to take more of the pictures I left in 2000 and the poetry I had patiently scribbled through the years.  I never got to bring back any of the law books I read while at the Ateneo School of Law.  I know I might’ve kept my notes or handouts from the preweek review but I might have given them away, too.  I would want to take some of them here to put in my little library.

I was even able to bring my JS Prom invite and my Senior Ball invitation, mementos of a youth I look back to with such fondness.  I wish I could find my 18th birthday souvenir — of all things not to have a piece of!

They are all part of a previous life I come back to from time to time in my head.  Memories of a former self which still lives in my heart.. things I will always cherish.

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