A sudden burst of creativity

I had brought my digital camera to work for a surprise party for one of the guys here.  After the excitement had died down, I thought I’d take the camera up to the viewing deck in this side of Queens and capture the Manhattan skyline in a few frames I can start to work with.

I’ve always wanted to have my own shots of the Manhattan skyline but have never really gotten down to doing it until today.

My header above (a miniature of which I am attaching below so that people who see this post after the header has changed will see what I’m referring to) is one of several iterations of a photo I’ve started to work on.  I know it’s not some grand work of art but it’s mine — and I’m actually very proud considering I don’t have any of the fancy graphics softwares I used to work with like CorelDraw.  This was plain and simple Microsoft Photo Editor.

More to come, more to come!  (Danny, if you see this, I know this is peanuts compared to what you can come up with but I’m an amateur, and this is big to me!)



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