Thinking Manila in New York

I’m at a loss about whether or not I ought to add this to “New York Style” or “In A Previous Life”.  I just wanted to write.  It’s almost 1PM and I’ve been working through my lunch hour — again.  That’s rather strange considering the boss is out.  I’ve been on the phone scheduling her doctor’s appointments.  I will soon work on the files on my desk, and I will hopefully get down to her expense reports before I leave for the day — which I hope to do early to take advantage of the “break”.

I had inihaw na bangus for dinner last night, courtesy of Ninong’s grill last Sunday when we celebrated the birthday of my neice, Shea.  Yummy.. I didn’t always like the belly of milkfish but had developed a liking for it in my adult years.  It’s so hard to find fresh bangus here in the US — nothing like the delicious bangus from Manila.  Sometimes we get them but then you can actually taste a hint of algae (lasang lumot) which makes me pine for mom’s bangus at home all the more..

Shea turned 4 and she was quite a sight trying to hug Angel constantly.  The boy, for his part, seems to know about shirking away from those girly hugs and was desperately trying to get away, although he did indulge his Ate Shea with a forehead kiss or two.

He’s now walking 6 to 8 steps before plopping down on the floor in anticipation of losing his balance.  He’s becoming more agile as the days go by and we know my Mom will be so surprised to see him moving about when she returns in July.  Meanwhile, I’ve been dressing him in sandos and diapers only.  It’s getting very hot in New York and I don’t want to bother him with shorts.

My head is swirling with all these things I need to put down on paper.  Things are moving in Manila and I have to make a decision on the direction I will recommend my family to take.  As the eldest, there is a greater expectation in terms of decision making on my part — and while it is a role I have come to accept early on in life, it is something that doesn’t always come so easy.

There is comfort in the thought that at least Offie is here with me.  My mother had raised us to be strong women — and I take pride in the fact that my sister is a source of strength for the family and me.  I have always believed that two heads are better than one, more so when it comes to threshing out issues where one needs to step back for clarity.

I am thinking yarns again.. I need the relaxation those knitting needles offer but last night, I had to resist the urge because Alan and the 15 year old were busy having a discussion in the living room where I leave them.  Angel and I retreated to the bedroom and slept.

Maybe tonight, I’ll do a few rows, and in the midst of it, try to get my bearing straight.

(Oh, I finally decided to put this under “Just me thinking online..”..)