Lazy Friday

Alan and I agreed to take the day off.  It’s been restful — mostly.  There are still continuing issues with the 15 year old which Alan and I are trying to handle together.  It is still a challenge but something that must be dealt with.

We tried to go out this afternoon and get a few things.  It’s so nice to look forward to a long weekend with Angel like today.  He’s been such a doll except that he threw up in the car — that is always a challenge wherever he does it, but after suffering through his bout with gastroenteritis a few months back, I’ve sort of gotten the hang of cleaning up when he does that.  I think I managed quite well today.

He is growing up to be such a friendly guy.  There was a four year old girl who took such a fancy to him at the restaurant earlier, and she was kissing him on the cheek. My son responded in kind and put his forehead to her forehead, just as he would offer his forehead when one asked for a kiss.  Such a flirt!  (Much like his Dad is.. haha!)

I live for weekends like this with Angel.  Forget about whether the weather cooperates and the sun shines, or the evening is overcast as the sun sets.  It’s 8PM but it looks and feels like a 6PM sunset in Manila.  Alan and I always count the days to the coming weekend because it means we can spend more time with our bundle of joy.. just taking it easy.. like this lazy Friday.