Feedback on Feedback: from a fellow Blogger, Lani

On June 10, Lani wrote:

Hello, Pinay. Super enjoy ako sa pagbabasa ng blog mo. I am Lani from Quezon City, Philippines. I know how much you miss our country and the people here. Sabi nga nila, there’s no place like home. Kahit na super ma-traffic at polluted dito, hinahanap pa rin ng mga kababayan natin ang amoy at gulo ng Pilipinas (lol). I have a cousin who lives in New Jersey and is working in New York. Actually, his mother died two weeks ago kaya nagkita kami sa burol ng mom niya. Very lucky rin siya kasi noong 9/11 ay sa mismong World Trade Center siya nag-wo-work at wala lang siya that time noong nangyari ang delubyo.

I hope you’re okay and keep on posting. I will always read your blog. I also have a blog entry, if you want to read it, eto ang link – Worthless Anik-anik

My response:  I’m sorry it took me forever and a day to post this comment which actually made my day when I saw it.  I quickly went to Lani’s blog and posted my own comment.

Lani — I am impressed! If you enjoyed reading my blog, nag-enjoy din naman akong magbasa ng entries mo. Feeling ko kausap ko yung mga younger officemates ko noon.. masaya, machika! I was actually starting a new category of posts in my weblog supposed to be written in Tagalog, pero masyadong malalim, baka di naman maaruk ng mga magbabasa. Ayun, draft pa din. Pero na-inspire akong magbasa ng gaya ng pagsulat mo– I will also provide a link to your blog from mine, so that others who bump into my blog can be treated to the same kind of entertaining writing I found myself reading yours. (My baby is desperately trying to grab the laptop!).. Keep writing — and I will definitely be back.. I just disagree with your blogsite URL.. you are not worthless!

I have actually provided the URL as one of the blogs I read — and I have gone back there twice since already.  As I whine about life in New York, reading about the challenges of living in Manila sure brings me back to the reality of things and it provides a good wake up call.

More anik-anik please!

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