Images of New York

I walk from the 57th street station of the N train on Seventh Avenue to the QM1A stop on 56th and Sixth (or Avenue of the Americas) most days when Alan and I decide to go home together.  We then take the Express Bus which takes us a few steps away from our doorstep.  It’s a little pricey at $5 a ride, but it’s certainly worth the convenience.

As I walk the two blocks from one station to the other, I can’t help but take “mental pictures” of the views I see.  I don’t often lug my digital camera with me unless there is a definite reason to take it, but when I do, I take snapshots spontaneously.  So on those days when I don’t have the camera, I keep thinking of pictures I wish I could take.

The picture above is a view from Central Park which I took when my sister Offie and her friend Mike walked around the city with me. On that day I mostly took pictures of Mike, but I had to take this photo as we walked around Central Park as the sun was about to set.  It’s a little grainy and the camera had moved which is obvious because of the poor lighting, but I think it’s a good picture nonetheless, worthy of posting here.

There are days when I wish I can just walk the streets of New York ever so leisurely and take picture after picture after picture.  For every picture I take a liking to, I actually discard 8 or 10 other shots of the same subject matter — so it’s not always as easy as finding a subject to photograph and clicking away.  That’s me, the amateur photographer.

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