Wish the weekend were longer

It’s half past noon on a Monday when the airconditioning in our part of the building has not been working since this morning.  I heard it’s been scorching hot in Manila — and it’s getting warmer in New York.. while I love the warmth of a summer day, I’d prefer to bask in it at will and not bake in it without airconditioning indoors!

Mainit!! (taking a swig of my bottled water..)  Thankfully, I am dressed appropriately — a summer skirt and a light sweater top I bought in Manila, so the material is not meant to warm you needlessly on a day like this.  (83 degrees and climbing to 90!)

Makes me wish we could just rest easy at home with the AC on.. or maybe take a drive inside our cool car or just lounge in the mall.  Right about now, if I were in Manila, we’d be thinking of where we would have lunch.  Is it worth the trip to Glorietta or just down to the Jolly Jeeps?  Or should we order?  (I’m wondering now if SINGKIT is still operating..)

That’s my stomach thinking now.. haha!  I’ve been playing around with a topic in my head for a couple of days that might develop into another category — Pinoy Cravings.  (Eto na naman ako..)  One thing I really miss is the food and delicacies of Manila.. walang kapantay!  I only got my craving satiated when Mom was here and she’s not back until July, so I continue to pine for her home cooked meals.  (I was soooo spoiled with that when she was here!)  I’m still thinking about it though.. there are other more important things to write about!



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