Craft Report: Almost done with my katya yarn

Since we had pizza for dinner last night, I found a pocket of time within which I could sit down and do a few rows of my shawl.  I’m almost done!!  I am now trying to decide which of the white yarns I have I will use to knit the edges and for the fringe.  I can do white or I can do baby blue.  I still have ample yarn for either color.

What should my next project be?  Perhaps I will unravel one of Alan’s old wool sweaters and spin them into balls to make it easier to work with.  I’m thinking of doing a mega-stitch see-through cardigan, or maybe just a plain shirt.  I can also try to do a triangular shawl which would be really ambitious given my novice knitting skills.

The nice thing about knitting is that you can do twice the size of any piece with the same amount of yarn you will use to crochet only half of the same.  (I’m trying to understand what I wrote here.. does it make sense to you?  HAHA!)  Maybe I’ll do a long sweater..light enough for the chillier days.  Just can’t decide!

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