Fridays New York Style

I remember that in my second job a blink of an eye ago, my boss (the CFO) used to chide me for staying late on a Friday.  Of course he didn’t know it was because I was waiting for my husband and we were going out, either by ourselves or with some friends.  I also used the usually quieter Fridays to catch up and wrap up the week.  That was before the baby.

Now I am usually hurrying home — and desperately trying to get the boss to work from home more on Fridays so I can have it easy here at work and get some housekeeping done.

I don’t know why but almost every Friday, at right about 10AM, I find myself thinking about how my bestfriend Fe is spending her Friday evening in Manila.  Is she in Greenbelt, hanging out with friends?  Is she with some bigshot client trying to wiggle out more legal advice for the price of a fancy dinner? 

Where could Demi and Jandy be hanging out?  (Maybe Jandy has a gig and Demi’s watching the show?)  Is my brother Nikky home early from school or are he and his friends going out?  (Oops, I forgot, he goes to school on Saturdays, too.. so he’s saving the gimmick for Saturday.)

I miss the sights, sounds and smells of Manila.  That was in a previous life, though.  Tonight it’s Manhattan for me and our husband and wife friend — maybe a nightcap later, then home to our baby for another weekend. =)  That’s the best part of the day, if you ask me.


Fridays are always cause to celebrate because it means having the luxury of lying with Angel in his play area in the morning and napping while he plays (while hoping he doesn’t bite my leg or drop the book he wants read to him on my face as I catch some shut-eye.)  It means not having to worry about being late for work (like I was today, on a day when the boss called from outside the office..caught redhanded!!)

Alan and I are going out to dinner with two friends tonight — for a change.  It’s been a while. 

Meanwhile I’m trying to get ready to get out of here later today by starting to clean up at 2PM.  I can’t believe that it’s this late in the day!  I need 8 hours more!