Blogging, My way..

I have been blogging only a short while — way after hundreds if not thousands of other Pinoys started blogging themselves.  One of the first blogs I read said it’s addicting.  I must admit it is.  I always feel a need to make at least one post, and with the weekend halfway gone, I am posting here minutes after midnight.

I didn’t even bother comparing blog servers — I just went and registered on the first blog I found.  I don’t remember exactly how I landed on, but if I’m not mistaken, it’s because I found a blog on knitting (the first of many knitting blogs I would find myself visiting.)

Each blog has its own personality.  I have no intention of commercializing my little corner of the blogsphere here.  I know others rant and rave about the more relevant matters in life — others have even cultivated a following.  I write primarily for my own benefit — it gives me an anchor to view myself not only in the now but in the past and the future as well.  It gives me a voice I can listen to, even if it’s my own voice that I hear.


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