Small Steps

At the end of the day as I walk up to our upper level coop unit, I sneak a peak into Angel’s pen and see him look at anticipation at who might be emerging from the staircase as he hears the footsteps climbing up.  And when he finally sees it’s me, except when Elmo has his full attention, he visibly lights up and greets me with a heart melting smile.  That is the highlight of my day, next to actually holding him as he sleeps before I go to la-la land myself.

He is now almost 14 months old.  How time flies indeed!  We continue to childproof the house, and even the once safe dining area which didn’t hold much interest for him then now has to be barricaded with a childproof gate.  He wants to go everywhere and to think we have quite a small apartment as it is!  Our last trip to Macy’s was a little challenging as he wanted to go walk the length and breadth of the store — but with the traffic of people and the countless sharp edged shelves, not to mention the piles of merchandise he could pull and throw around, we had to scoop him up despite his protests.

We see him developing into his own person as he starts to show his moods and how he now grasps the concept of disagreeing with something I would prefer he do.  He already knows the concept of “No” and he even shakes his head from side to side as if to confirm NO means not doing something.  Soon we will hear him saying “No” himself — and then starts the argument between child and parent.

He has two favorite balls which are both colored purple.  He would go around crawling or walking holding one ball in his hand.  His current favorite book has as one of its characters, Tiny, a purple dinosaur.  Of course Barney’s a favorite — though Elmo takes the top spot.

Sometimes I vacillate between showing my displeasure and trying to talk him through a fit — I know he has the brain of a 14-month-old and can comprehend some of the things we talk about to him, and at the same time, we recognize that his world revolves around the dynamics of his little shell.  We all try our very best but there is no black and white in parenthood.  So as he takes those little steps as he is learning to walk, I hold his hand when he needs to but I let go to teach him to walk on his own. 

Even as he babbles as if in serious conversation, I know that his mind is reaching out and trying hard to mimmick the sounds that he hears from the adults around him.  Each day is a small step in seeing the unique person that he is unfold.  Before we know it, we will get from here to there — a little step at a time.


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