Bandwidth explained

I wrote site support and got this response:

Dear Pinay,

Bandwidth exceeded doesn’t mean you’re using too much space. Please
don’t delete anything. Here’s a quick explanation.

In any blog, whether it is free or not, you have a space limit as well
as a bandwidth limit. Space limit refers to the number of posts and
images you have. Bandwidth refers to the number of visitors you can
have. The more visitors you have the more bandwidth they use up.
Moreover, the richer your content, the more bandwidth a single user

Image your blog front page has a 240k image and a 10k text. Each time a
user will access your blog, it will use up 250k bandwidth. You have a
250M bandwidth limit, ie a 1000 visit limit.

Your blog will be reactivated July 1st as bandwidth is monthly. In the
meantime, try to keep your content as light as possible to have more
visitors access your blog.

The Blog Hiker

I must say I am impressed and grateful for the prompt response.  I am disappointed, though, that my posts won’t see the net until Friday, July 1.  Fine.. I can wait, and at least I know my blog is still there.. just closetted for the moment. LOL

So okay, I will try and decreased the file size of my header.  (Time to get a new one, anyway..)  Guess it was a tad too big!


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