Can't wait for the blog to be back online!

I’ve been trying to get things together to move offices while going about my business here as usual.  Tomorrow is the big announcement here at work about the move for me and my boss.  Congratulations are already trickling in but my lips are sealed.  The boss, for her part, seems to be excited to move on.

Meanwhile, I found out last night that the airconditioner in the room has been dripping water from the lower right hand corner of its cavity.  It’s been raining cats and dogs in New York so I don’t know if it was the rain or the airconditioner is just ancient and needs some tweaking or replacing.  Whatever the case may be, I need to tidy up that side of the room and deal with the problem before the next rainpour.  (If you think we get nasty rain in Manila, you should see how the wind makes the rain fall practically horizontally here in New York, and how an umbrella is not an investment but a disposable necessary accessory.)

We’re also trying to figure out childcare arrangements again because we need to book Offie on her trip home and Mom isn’t showing signs of hopping on a plane back soon.. she has a grandchild coming in August and I have a feeling she will wait for the little one to be born before coming back to take care of her precious Angel.  (Mind you, this is the only grandchild she has taken cared of like her own child.  In deference to my sister-in-law, she kept a distance from the care of Audrey, my niece, but grandma and the little girl are tight as can be — it is to be expected considering she is her first grandchild.)  All I know is I miss my mom.. and I’m worried about my sister’s health.  The doctor has requested us to come back for a second appointment as he found some abnormalities in her bloodwork.

I am looking forward to a long weekend — it’s the fourth of July on Monday (Independence Day being a very big deal to the folks here) and Alan and I asked for Tuesday off just to enjoy an extra day being a family.  No, we are not making plans to travel anywhere — just set to enjoy the day and maybe join Jackie and Jeff and their extended family for a barbecue in their home in New Jersey come Sunday.

And yes, time to get the stuff for pasalubong and all ready.  I haven’t really shopped much, but there is a lot I’m sending home, specially for the new baby. =)  (Note to self: get a balikbayan box.)